Vodafone Gets The Largest In Subscribers And Complaints

Mobile network giant Vodafone was launched in 1985. Its Speechmark logo was introduced two years after in 1987. Operating in over 30 countries, Vodafone stands for voice data fone. It is considered as the world’s largest telecommunications company for mobile services. This is based on revenue. Based on subscribers, it is the second GALAXY-S-4-vodafone-indialargest. It had about 341 million subscribers with a turnover of £44 billion employing close to 90,000 employees.

Vodafone made the first 3G voice call in UK in 2001 and it covers more than 90% of the UK network. It also runs the ASDA Mobile virtual network in its infrastructure.

The Pay As You Go Vodafone contact number is 03333 048 069 for complaints service.

Customer Concerns

There was a recent article regarding a Vodafone customer being abused verbally by the company’s call center representative based overseas. Right after, it led to a lot of emails concerning Vodafone’s customer service. There appears to be a lot of broken promises from the network provider making it the most complained about the mobile provider. This is based on Ofcom’s assessment. Ofcom is a communications regulator. Done quarterly, it is now the fourth time consecutively that Vodafone has earned this notoriety. Translated to a one full year of disappointing their clients whenever they pick up their phone to dial. Instead of using it to call their loved ones, they’d rather call Ofcom to complain. That explains why Vodafone has been referred to as a worst provider in UK. If you want to find alternative providers, get in touch with them on https://www.bizcontactnumber.co.uk.



A certain Ms Holloway had to cut her phone off after making 33 calls to Vodafone regarding a certain issue. Ofcom recorded 20 complaints against the telco giant for every 100,000 customers surveyed. In comparison with Tesco Mobile where it was just 1 per 100,000. The count doesn’t include the complaints made directly to Vodafone, or the ones lodged in the Ombudsman or the ones, which didn’t reach anywhere.

For Years

Moto G from VodafoneMany of these users have been with the mobile service provider for many years, decades even. The following have been the main concerns:


  • Cut off phone connections
  • Agreed on tariffs verbally then later disputed
  • Bill shock
  • Payments already made but still demanded, and
  • New numbers registered erroneously under their spouse’s account.


Most of the frustrations stem from those who complain and seek full resolution. Apparently, most are not being acted upon. Others air out that unless they do consistent follow-ups only then are their concerns being moved or escalated to resolution.

Other Issues

Assistência-Técnica-Vodafone-150x150Other commonly raised issues are the ones being put on lengthy on hold, trying to speak to someone who can help but not being transferred, calls cut-off in mid-conversation; buck-passing to various other centers around the world. The rest is on promises to call back not done at all and emails or letters left unanswered.

If you opt to transfer mobile networks, to avoid penalties do so after your initial contract period has expired. The coverage usually runs from 18 to 24 months. If you cut the contract off in mid-coverage, you stand to pay an early termination fee. This will be a high price to pay especially if your gadget is one of the latest around. This may represent the unpaid amount for the remainder of the contract. So if your tariff is £20 a month, that’s £100 for the remaining five months. So in a sense, it’s the same thing whether you finish it off or cut it mid-coverage.

If the core contract prices are raised mid-contract, the subscriber must be notified of any changes at least 30 days in advance. The subscriber has an option to exit without penalty.

Vodafone Improves Its Service As It Receive More Complaints

If EE has been categorized as the worst provider of landline service, Vodafone is named as the mobile phone company with the most improvements to do. This does not even include the complaint calls to the Vodafone phone number yet.

vodafonechristmasukThose who complain and ask for full resolution on their issues are on top of the list. These frustrated subscribers says their gripes have not been acted upon at all. Some say that their concerns have neither moved nor escalated to be resolved unless they do daily follow-ups.


Ofcom Assessment

Based on the government regulator, Ofcom’s assessment, Vodafone has earned the most complaints in the last quarter of 2014. For every 1,000 users the telco gets 150 formal complaints in return. EE on the other hand has gotten double the industry’s average on complaints regarding its fixed line service. EE, a merger of Orange and T-Mobile expanded their home broadband offers alongside its landline capacity. There are complaints about its pay-monthly mobile operations as well.

By revenue, Vodafone is the biggest network in the world. Part of telco history is Vodafone’s first mobile call in the UK back in the 80s. In 1992, it made its first SMS during Christmas Eve.



Due to the increased competition in the UK market, Vodafone has seen a decline in its subscriber base. Its main competitors have been offering irresistible deals left and right just to have the users switch network providers. The biggest change in the UK telco situation isn’t helping Vodafone recover from losing its ground.


First to Launch

EE was the first to launch its 4G network ahead of Vodafone.  Even if the latter was late for a year, it has expanded rapidly its coverage without compromising the strength of its LTE service.

To share the reliable UK infrastructure of O2, Vodafone signed a network sharing agreement with them and called it Vodafone-Booster-Brolly-Umbrellathe Cornerstone Project. These two networks shared the structure of where the antennae are located but not the receiver/transceiver itself.

This agreement for the Cornerstone Project, is serving Vodafone’s LTE network well as the cost does not fall on the company’s shoulders. Vodafone was able to improve on its coverage without spending in building the entire infrastructure to support it. Also, it was able to improve the 900MHz frequencies (3G) and added capacity on its 800MHz (indoor) coverage and 2600MHz (outdoor) respectively.


Vodafone Plans

Vodafone covers the 4G data on mobile with a 25GB capacity. Its Red Value plan has a choice of inclusive data allowance. You get either half a year access to Now TV, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports inclusion as part of certain plans. You can choose a two-year plan also. Both are free of charge.

Vodafone’s standard plan is the entry level basic features package. The Red Plan provides unlimited minutes and SMS on top of generous allowances. The Red Value Plan has both the uncapped minutes and SMS with big allowances and inclusive calls to the UK if you are in Europe. This is made under the Euro Traveler Plus arrangement.